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"Work Packages"
Print date: Thursday, February 20 2020 - 16:16
Page last modified: February 4, 2008
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Work Packages

The intention of the present project is to develop the scientific basis for the next generation of hydrological impact assessment methodologies caused by future climate changes. The project will provide the foundation for operational hydrological change assessment with higher accuracy and better precision than previously developed. The project is organised in four scientific work packages, each dealing with specific issues:
WP1 : Coupling of HIRHAM and MIKE SHE model codes
WP2 : Scaling of hydrological models
WP3 : Hydrological change
WP4 : Uncertainty
Finally, the developed methodologies and tools will be tested on real-life cases within their respective work packages. Each of the three water companies will supply a case with the necessary data and the problems to address will be defined in a dialogue with the environment centres. In addition, a fourth case will be identified in a third world country in order to test the methodologies in an international catchment, where the data availability typically is much less than in Denmark. All the developed methodologies and tools will not be tested in all four cases. The test cases will instead be designed so that they have complementary focus.