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"Copy of Søren Højmark Rasmussen"
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Søren Højmark Rasmussen


I graduated in Physical Geography from Aalborg University in 2007. Following my graduation, I worked one year at ASIAQ, Greenland Survey, in the Department of Climate and Hydrology with stream flow measurements, quality assurance of data etc. I started my PhD in the HYACINTS project in summer 2008. I work full time at the project and expect to finish my PhD by the end of 2011.

My work is related to the coupling of the meteorological model HIRHAM and the hydrological model MIKE SHE. The focus of my work is to test the coupled model system before Denmark as a whole will be run in the model. So far I have worked on the FIFE test case in Kansas, US, as there are a lot of data from this area to set up and validate a detailed distributed model. Presently I’m running the models in uncoupled versions with different resolutions. As soon as the coupled system is running and performing well in this test case, I will run the model for Zealand.

As HIRHAM and MIKE SHE are run with different resolutions, a part of my work is also to have a closer look on how variables can be scaled between different grids when exchanged between the models.

My largest contribution to the HYACINTS projects as a whole is to test the coupled system to ensure correct model calculations. I’m mainly testing the transport of energy between the two models, e.g. evaporation, to assess whether it is calculated realistic in the coupled system.