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"Copy of Troels Norvin Vilhelmsen"
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Troels Norvin Vilhelmsen


I finished a master’s degree in Engineering from Aarhus University in 2008. Prior to this, I had a background in civil engineering from the Engineering College of Aarhus, with focus on Environmental Engineering. My professional interests lie within hydrology, hydrogeology, modelling and environmental management. During my education I held student job at the following consultant companies: NIRAS, Watertech (before they merged with ALECTIA) and Grontmij | Carlbro.

I am employed at a three year Ph.D. position. My contribution to the project concerns primarily local grid refinement, and how this methodology can be utilized in order to improve predictions of local scale water resource problems within regional scale groundwater models. Moreover, this methodology is expected to be efficient in order to represent local scale geological heterogeneity within regional scale models.

In relation to HYACINTS, local grid refinement is highly relevant. This methodology can be applied to downscale outputs from climate models, in order to assess the influence of climate change at well field scale. From a groundwater modelling perspective, local grid refinement can be utilized to incorporate geological complexity into regional scale models, as well as to improve descriptions of boundary conditions in local scale groundwater models.

My project was initiated in October 2008. Within this period I have primarily been working with local grid refinement in order to evaluate which benefits can be drawn from this method, and when it is efficient. In relation to this analysis, I had a short stay at USGS, Boulder, Colorado to cooperate with the scientist that developed this method. In the coming period, experiences from this study will lead to the development of a coupling of a MODFLOW version of the DK-model to a local scale model covering the Ristrup well field area north of Aarhus, Denmark.