Hydrological Modelling for Assessing Climate Change Impacts at different Scales
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WP1: Coupling of HIRHAM and MIKE SHE model codes

To address these limitations a coupled hydrological and climate modelling system will be developed using the two state-of-the-art model codes: the climate model code HIRHAM and the hydrological model code MIKE SHE.

The coupling will exploit new OpenMI technology that has recently emerged from the water sector for coupling model components. OpenMI provides a standardized interface to define, describe and transfer data on a time basis between software components that run simultaneously thus supporting systems where feedback between the modelled processes is necessary. Therefore, OpenMI is ideally suited to linking hydrological and climate models and allows linking with different spatial and temporal representations and across different platforms. This new technology will also be effective in linking the two scientific modelling communities.

The coupling will be made such that HIRHAM’s standard, simple land surface parameterisation scheme (hydrological model) will be utilised in regions not covered by the MIKE SHE model. This will make it possible to apply the coupled code without having to set up MIKE SHE on the entire regional scale covered by HIRHAM and it will therefore save both personal time and computational power.
The statistical downscaling method developed as part of WP3 will be built into the coupling. The coupled code will be verified by testing against data from a small Danish catchment.
DMI and DHI are in charge of this work package.

Contact: Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen or Mike Butts


Coupling of HIRMAM and MIKE SHE (PhD project)

Contact: Søren Højmark Rasmussen  

HIRHAM migration to OpenMI (Post doc project)

Contact: Martin Drews

Mike SHE migration to OpenMI

Contact: Mike Butts

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