Hydrological Modelling for Assessing Climate Change Impacts at different Scales
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HYdrological Modelling for Assessing Climate Change Impacts at differeNT Scales (HYACINTS) has developed new methodologies and tools for assessing climate change impacts on water resources at different spatial scales. The main project components were:

  • Coupling of DMIs regional climate model HIRHAM and DHIs hydrological modelling system MIKE SHE and conversion of GEUS' national water resources model to run in the coupled system aiming at reducing simulation uncertainty.
  • Development of methodologies for using a spatially refined model grid in parts of a model domain where more detailed descriptions of hydrogeological conditions are required. An SME project on digital geological modelling was associated to this component.
  • Development of methodologies for estimating precipitation and evapotranspiration from satellite data, particularly aimed at application in data poor regions in the world
  • Assessment of uncertainty propagation in the calculation chain (emission scenarios→global climate models→regional climate models→downscaling/bias correction methods→hydrological models→hydrological change) and identification dominating sources of uncertainty in projections of climate change impacts on water resources.

To read more about the results from the project, follow this link to the list of publication.

HYACINTS ran for six years from January 2008 until December 2013 and had 12 partners : two universities, two research institutes, one GTS institute, one SME (small and medium sized enterprise) research and consulting company, one large consulting company, three water companies from the largest cities in Denmark and two Environment Centres under the Danish Ministry of the Environment). HYACINTS obtained additional funding for establishing a research cooperation with an SME on " Development of concepts for digital geological modelling". The IT/GIS company I-GIS  was selected as the SME for this research cooperation.

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