Hydrological Modelling for Assessing Climate Change Impacts at different Scales
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Newsletter no. 5, November 2013

The HYACINTS project is about to finalise and the two last PhD students will defend there theses on November 22nd and 25th respectively, see more info here:

Lauren P Seaby, November 22nd

Morten AD Larsen, November 25th

Both theses can be found under Publications.    

Newsletter no. 4, December 2012

Enduser meeting in Copenhagen 20 March 2013

The HYACINTS project is entering its last year and we would like to present progress and results to interested parties. Attendees will hear about the sucessful HIRHAM_MIKE SHE coupling, about co-operation with Peking University on modelling of the China North Plain, hydrological modelling of complex geology, the role of uncertainty arising from geology compared to uncertainty in climate change predictions when modelling hydrology, and much more. Mark the date in your calender; more information will follow in the new year.

The first two PhD students, Søren Højmark Rasmussen and Troels Norvin Vilhelmsen, have sucessfully defended their theses - have a look at these here.

See portraits of the two other PhD students in the project:
Lauren P. Seaby, GEUS
Morten A. Dahl-Larsen, DGG, KU

International Journal Papers
A number of journal papers have been published; see more about these at the Publication page.


Newsletter no. 3, October 2010

The HYACINTS project has just submitted a midterm report to the Strategic Research Council that is co-funding the project - see the scientific progress part here

See two of the PhD students present themselves and their roles in HYACINTS:

The two last PhD positions were filled in during late 2009:

See their portraits in the next newsletter.

Newsletter no. 2, June 2009

HYACINTS has entered its second project year. Three PhD students (phd-profiles ) have been recruited to the following projects: 

  • Coupling of meteorological and hydrological models for climate modelling (Søren Højmark Rasmussen, Danish Meteorological Institute)
  • Modelling geology and groundwater flow in complex geological settings – from local to regional scale (Troels Norvin Vilhelmsen, Department of Earth Sciences, Aarhus University)
  • Remote sensing of precipitation in mountainous areas (Lars Boye Hansen, GRAS A/S)

The work on coupling of the regional climate model code HIRHAM and the hydrological model code MIKE SHE is progressing well by use of the OpenMI technology ( ). Preliminary sensitivity experiments have been performed with HIRHAM and MIKE SHE in uncoupled mode using test data from the FIFE site

Plans for using local grid refinements for coupling of a regional hydrological model with a local scale model for the Ristrup well field located in a buried valley have been elaborated. Refinement will be made using both a Finite Difference technique (MODFLOW) and a Finite Element technique (FEFLOW).

The HYACINTS project has affiliated yet another partner for a period of 1½ years. Last fall, the Danish Research Council announced a call for proposals to enable small and medium sized enterprises, so-called SMEs, to become involved in existing research projects. HYACINTS applied with two proposed topics, of which one was granted. This spring, HYACINTS announced for SMEs to co-operate on “Development of concepts for digital geological modelling”. I-GIS ( ) an IT/GIS Company located in Århus, has just been selected for the co-operation. The activities will start later this year.

At 10 September 2009 a seminar on Uncertainty in Climate Change Impact on Water Resources will be held in co-operation with the International Research School of Water Resources, FIVA: See the programme and invitation:   A similar HYACINTS seminar in September 2008 was very successful and had more than 70 participants from research institutions, private companies, water management organisations and NGO´s.

Visit our homepage for a description of the full HYACINTS project, news, announcements on phd's etc. And - if not already done, register for our bi-annual newsletter.

Newsletter no. 1, May 2008

The HYACINTS projects started January 2008 and is now running with a number of tasks. Two PhD positions have been announce; for the first an applicant is under appointment and for the second, the deadline is  15 May. 

An introductory flyer has been produced: hyacints_folder_1.pdf

At 23 September 2008 a Seminar on Climate Change Impact on Water Resources will be held in coperation with International Research School of Water Resources, FIVA: See the programme and invitation: seminar-programme.doc

Visit our homepage to be find a description of the full HYACINTS project, announcements on phd's etc. And - if not already done, register for our bi-annual newsletter.

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